Tom Newby School Grade 7 Homework [BETTER]


Tom Newby School Grade 7 Homework

you are right. but you have not been in my shoes. i have been there..and not been able to be with the kids and help them as others have.

our problem is that there are not enough people who understand what they are teaching. if an elderly woman like me who knows how kids learn math is not given the chance to support teachers with an opportunity like this, how is it going to work for our kids? pausd has been able to implement this work around for 60 days. enough is enough. they can do better. anybody who has done these math programs says it is a very important. they put the teachers through a huge amount of work and it is not easy. it is time for the pausd to find the money to hire a few more teachers.

how about this. let teachers like me meet with you and your child and show you how they learn math. let us show your child how math is done, not just regurgitate a lesson they just saw on the web link to a page in an ed-tube. this is why i have provided things like teacher guides, video, programs like edubloggers that work best when they use what teachers do. maybe i know something these tutors don’t know.

i dont understand your comments. why have you decided to be so negative about this?

in my experiences in my children’s classrooms teachers have always been receptive to suggestions from parents. i have personally sat in on a whole lot of sessions where the board members have listened to suggestions from parents and other trusted advisors. and whether the suggestions get adopted is entirely on the board members. remember, the biggest problem people in the room have is getting the right voices heard during the debate. if a parent comes in with a suggestion, it can be hard for them to later see that suggestion adopted unless it is during a later debate.

i’m not really using this term “step-by-step” any more. dizzying quantities of info here have driven away my patience with it. i’m sure that’s why they use it here in the states. all i know is that it has a certain ring to it. but it’s just the outcome of going down a path because it is the right thing to do. i really hope we are not going to burn our kids out trying to raise the bar over the top. i wish it would be more along the lines of a gentle stretching of the abilities rather than a straight up condemnation of the children. i fear that the school board is in the waiting seat with the “this is gonna blow up in our faces” nature. am i over-reacting? it was kinda hard to read just the title, i think it might be in reference to what the nys ed dept wants for next year. it seems like the change has been made to go from edm to saxon. i would think it might be re-named, maybe something like edm 7.5, and maybe it be the same teacher/grouop and would probably be taught to 6th graders. adding to our previous post about standardized tests, katherine, you say that “a major concern with standardized testing is that the tests can be used for multiple purposes. since most schools use the tests for legitimate purposes such as assistance in teacher evaluation and improvement, it limits the ability of the test to accurately show student learning. that being said, the test only should be used in the public domain, in general and not for example in some people’s classrooms.” i would add that this is very similar to my difficulty with standardized test selection for our schools. teachers, parents, and the general public are concerned with just use, not quality or accuracy. if any of these concerns happen, they give them the power to exclude a particular text. this is the wrong way to go. 5ec8ef588b




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