The Purge Anarchy 1080p Mp4

The Purge Anarchy 1080p Mp4


The Purge Anarchy 1080p Mp4

the next scene is an outside view of the city, where cali and her friend lucy are playing video games. lucy tells her friend that she feels sorry for her because she has all this trouble in her life. but then the sirens go off, and lucy is horrified, asking if it’s really the purge. cali says that it is, and she tells her friend that she should leave, for if she doesn’t, then it’s just her and her family. lucy then sees a car which is coming towards them and takes off, and we get a brief shot of the car as it drives by. it is the same car which cali saw outside the home of warren grass.

the best thing about this movie was how they showed the event of the purges on the ground and the effect it has on the people of the city. the storyline was a bit predictable but that didn’t stop me from watching the entire movie. i would highly recommend this movie to anyone looking for a good thriller, action movie or even just a good escape from reality.

in the purge world, the police are prohibited from entering the city, just like the one in the purge. the couple escape as the masked/face-painted punks search for them. the man and woman are able to pull off their hoods, allowing them to be spotted. they run into a place called the white house (the center of government power in the purge world), which is fortified and guarded. however, the couple is able to get in. they are led by a woman named aimee, who warns them not to use the gun in their possession, which is given to them by aimee. liz is hit with a bullet that goes through her jaw. she is put in a bed in the white house, and the couple go to see her. she tells them she is going to tell the truth to her sister, as it is what will protect them and save them from being killed in the purge.

leo gets up and flees, running and hiding in the woods, all the while avoiding a group of purge-goers called the foot soldiers. leo hides in a shed, where a man is putting in an alarm system. leo tells the man that he should go ahead and call the cops to get him arrested. the man refuses, and then leo smashes the man in the back of his head, killing him. he then tells the man to lock the shed so the foot soldiers can’t get in. he then calls his father, who is still on the run from the purge, and tells him where to pick him up. he then flees from the shed, as the foot soldiers burst in. leo escapes in the back of the shed, but is caught by them. they beat him up and demand that he give up the location of his father. he tells them he doesn’t know, but that they can look for him in the woods. he then gets a gun and shoots at them to get away. one of the foot soldiers is shot, but he is still able to run after leo. leo flees and hides. the foot soldiers split up. leo is led to a truck, where the driver is bound and gagged. as they pull away, the driver notices that he is being followed.
parents need to know that the purge: anarchy is the sequel to 2013’s low-budget horror hit the purge, which depicted the annual 12-hour purge in which the majority of americans suddenly turned into savages and did whatever they wanted with no repercussions; in exchange, this apparently made the country a safer, stronger, and healthier place to live for the rest of the year. violence is very strong, including use of guns, swords, flamethrowers, and other weapons, with many characters shot and killed, and much blood shown. language is also strong, with several uses of f–k, s–t, and bitch. two women are treated roughly and are almost raped by a drunken man. a minor character drinks wine and takes pills in an effort to become drunk/high. this sequel is quite different from its predecessor; it’s not a home invasion movie and features more sympathetic characters and a clearer message.




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