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Photoshop’s standard file format, the Portable Document Format (PDF), is widely used for print publications. It’s often preferable to its older and less portable predecessor, Adobe’s PostScript, as it is standardized to work across operating systems and is text searchable.

While the Photoshop development team seems to be edging away from this long-time habit of referring to it as “the file format,” there are still a few people in the company’s strategy and marketing division who refer to Photoshop as “the file format.”

# Acrobat

The digital file format Adobe invented, PDF, enables the creation of files that look just like a traditional print document. One of its main advantages is that its pages are searchable (see Figure 5-2).

Figure 5-2. PDF files are text searchable.

Like Adobe’s other programs (Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign), Acrobat is a powerful and sophisticated program that allows you to manipulate both graphics and text.

The following list describes the tools you’ll find in Acrobat.

## The Document Window

The Document window (Figure 5-3, left) is at the heart of the program. It offers a wealth of tools and utilities to make it a formidable document editing tool.

Figure 5-3. The Document window offers tools for working with any document, including PDF, graphics, and plain text. The Tools palette (right) gives you access to all the basic tools you need to handle text and graphics with ease.

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Elements Filters Edit Filters

Elements has a wide range of basic filtering effects that can be used to enhance your images.

Filters available Edit Filter Files found in Filters menu:

Most of the filters in Elements are either intensity-based or type-based.

Intensity-based filters adjust pixels of an image (e.g. sharpen, blur, brightness, contrast, etc.) based on their brightness.

Type-based filters adjust pixels based on the value of their color channels (Red, Green, Blue, etc.).

Many of the filters are based on “and” and “or” operator. For example: “and” intensity-based filter combines pixels into a new image.

The darker the selection gets, the more pixels are set in the new image.

For example, you can combine the dark, dark and dark selections (0,1,2) into a bright image using an “or” operator. You can decrease the intensity to reduce the bright effect.

Elements offers two methods of creating filters: user filters and edit filters. User filters are created by Actions. Edit filters are individual adjustments that can be used as filters. This section goes in depth about both of these types of filters.

User Filters Edit Filters

User filters are actions that can be applied to specific locations in a photo or multiple photos. They can also be used to create a new image with various effects.

Every user filter is created using a script. These scripts are designed using the notation of Expression Language (EL). For example, the EL in the following user filter would find all objects in the layer and set their values to a new image.

Depending on the action, a user filter can use a variety of filters, edits, color adjustments, blending modes, and more.

You can save user filters in your Adobe Bridge library by selecting File > Save.

To apply an user filter:

In the Elements panel (Window > Elements), click the name of the user filter.

Adjust any of the properties with a slider or a text box on the Elements panel (Window > Elements). For example: You can change the name of the filter, modify the script for the filter, add, modify, and delete a filter, and apply the filter to specific layers, objects, or groups.

Create Fil

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System Requirements For Photoshop 2022 (Version 23.4.1):

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