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If users run a church or are part of a church group, there can be a lot to organize and a lot of people to deal with on a regular basis. MyChurchManager is an application that allows users to build up a database, as well as schedule their church activities and members, along with storing various extra documents and information.
A very simple interface that is easy to use and easy to operate, yet contains a redundancy
The interface for MyChurchManager is quite basic, it is essentially an expanding window with a few icons to represent various subjects, listed under different tabs. Each icon opens a separate window that accesses different databases to store relevant information. It works simply and users will have no problem navigating and filling it in, although the process will be time consuming for large churches, something that an import feature would fix.
Sadly, the toolbar that is attached to the application's window doesn't seem to work, the File, Edit, View and Options buttons are all disabled and just seem to be there as standard. It is a blemish on an otherwise perfectly serviceable interface, although a customizable background instead of the white backdrop would be a nice touch.
Straightforward features that work, yet have some glaring oversights that cause significant problems
The different information that is stored in the application frequently overlaps with the other areas – for instance, there are separate areas for people, groups and families. Unfortunately, people's information needs to be entered multiple times, as an individual, and then as a family unit. The application provides no way to link information in different areas, or automatically fill in areas that have already been covered in a previous section.
This problem is especially noticeable in the birthday section, which requires the entire congregation be filled out again into the system, but this time with their date of birth mentioned. The lack of compatibility between the areas cripples the application in a lot of ways, church congregations can contain up to and over 100 people. MyChurchManager should be finding ways to limit information entry repetition, not increasing it.
An interesting idea, but lacking in too many areas to be a practical or viable tool for church
Unfortunately, given that users can create their own custom databases on something as simple as a spreadsheet, MyChurchManager really needs to do more. The program is lacking so much, in so many areas that it hampers more than it helps, for those looking to improve church organization, MyChurchManager is not the solution.


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The Church Manager is a church management application that is designed for the church ministry community. A church is a place where God does a lot of work, and the Church Management is where the people who are doing the work have their information, so that work can be done in a more efficient way. At a basic level, the Church Management just saves them time.
To make the work more efficient, the Church Manager has three sections: People, Groups, and Families. If there is a person, group, or family, the Church Manager will make sure the information on the person, group, or family is correct, including the member’s relationship to the people, groups, and families. Another part of the Church Management is scheduling. It helps people to schedule their activities in their time, so that they can be with their family, or congregation. There are also documents that are needed, such as Wills and Bibles. All of these things that the Church Manager contains information on is consistent between the different areas, and much of it can be controlled through the control panel.
The control panel will allow people to enter information on people, groups, and families, where the information will not conflict, and documents they need, when they need them. The Church Manager will also integrate with your existing programs.
* Create a separate database for each area of the church.
* Save time and reduce confusion by automatically filling in information based on the last database you were using.
* Import is a simple process. It allows you to have the church database ready to go in minutes.
* Control the church through the control panel.
* Enhance the clerical work of your church through the use of the automated church management system.
* Documents are in the program for your convenience.
* The program is intuitive and easy to use.
* Sub-user accounts: Create a sub-user account for your secretary or your wife’s secretary, which will have the same name as your user account, only with an’s’.

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User can create a team that can register or update database that allows them to manage several aspects of church membership, records and other details of a church group.
There are several other categories where user can add their records. This can be Events, services and others.
Database allows user to have separate categories such as Discussions, Actions, Addresses, Inventory, Reports, Donations, for various churches.


For me the most important thing was that I couldn’t find any way to export the database to something like Excel. The easier it is to import, the better.

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MyChurchManager is an application that allows users to build up a database for church events and activities, along with storing various documents and information.
Key Features:
– Allows you to add your own churches, and build up separate databases for different groups/churches that share the same name.
– Automatic databases can be generated with custom fields and questions that are set from the selection of different actions and features.
– Information can be automatically imported from other systems and other applications if you have a database that is already set up, you can import the data into this and it will look for the correct databases.
– A direct link is available for any database, so you can change a field on a database and have the changes reflected in all databases that are linked to that one.
– Users can enter information into a database from their own contacts, generate a list of addresses from their email address and link to the database that you have for that.
– A detailed report system is available that will generate any data you require, for example, a list of all families within a specific church, a list of people without a specific church etc.
– Duplicate entries are only stored once, so you can have the same events for multiple churches and have different emails stored in the database.
– A simple interface that is easy to use and easy to operate.
– A full toolbar is available to give users access to every tool in the application.
– Full screen and portrait modes are available for viewing purposes.
– Various font sizes available to make the application suitable for different preferences.
– Layouts available for use of your application.
– Full English and Simplified Chinese language options available.
– Fully configurable including size of fonts, buttons and backgrounds.
– Uses the.NET Framework 2.0 with OpenNETCF and this allows it to be run on Windows Mobile, Windows CE, and Windows Mobile 7.
File Size – 907 KB


At the moment it looks like your application was built using Visual C# and.NET Framework 2.0. It’s not a bad idea to learn how to program for Windows Mobile, but the.NET Framework wasn’t designed to target the platform. You’ll have to write some code that can be redirected to the Windows Mobile screen with just a few lines of code. If you’re comfortable with the code, this approach is feasible.

What’s New In?


1. What is MyChurchManager?

MyChurchManager, (MChM) is a church management application which allows users to create databases and customize them for more efficient use. MChM is designed for churches and church groups that can include up to 100,000 members.

MyChurchManager is a service that allows users to create a database that is completely customizable with options for the following:


While users can customize a database to fit their needs, each section can contain as many as 100,000 members.

2. What makes MyChurchManager unique?

MyChurchManager is different from other programs out there because it is designed to be easy to use. Not only does it have a simple interface, but it is also designed to organize information quickly and easily. All of the necessary information is on one page, and simply and easily stored without any need for excessive data entry. While users can also customize the database, MChM includes a standard set of options. This standardizing of the databases will allow users to plug into existing databases that are used in other programs and information systems.

3. Why do I need MyChurchManager?

MyChurchManager is perfect for churches that allow people to be assigned to groups. These groups are organized by people, but also can also encompass other information such as services, events, locations, and members of a family. These groups are stored in the same place, and easily organized.

4. What is the best way to use MyChurchManager?

MyChurchManager can be used in a few different ways. While it has a standard interface, it can also be made to be used via an online interface, where users log on to a secured server at the church. This online interface allows MChM to be accessed from a web browser at any location, and also allows for easier backup of the database.

5. What kind of information can be stored in MyChurchManager?

MyChurchManager can store the following types of information:

People can be searched by the following:
Full name
Day, month and year of birth
External ID number
Organizational unit

Groups can be searched by the following:

Families can be searched by the following:


System Requirements:

Desura says the following about the requirements for the game:
Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Intel Pentium 4 2.4 GHz or faster
256MB Ram (1024 for 4 players)
DirectX 8.1
If using MacOSX you will need a PowerPC G4 or faster
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