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Upgrading to the Full Version is Easy:Download the latest version from our website on the Get Program screen.Launch the Installer and accept the license agreement.Then, pick the Add-Ons and click Next.Wait for the process to complete and the product to be installed on your computer.

The Deluxe version of Multi Collector PRO with Multiple Languages is designed to make the interface of the application more user friendly. Moreover, it adds various improvements, including a free-text search feature.
The new version can also be installed on computers whose main language is not English.
A solid database of items
Users can create an unlimited number of new collections, and change item attributes and collections colors for each of them, with the new Deluxe version.
This way, they can easily create more than 1,000 different collections and edit them with an intuitive interface.
Each collection can be added to a series of categories, allowing users to easily find specific entries. Moreover, users can leave notes with each entry, which can then be easily recalled and viewed later on.
Search for and add items from external databases, like image files or movies, or folders from the hard drive.
Databases can be secured by adding a password from within the application, while also being highly customizable, thanks to the ability to import and export customizable templates from the program’s Open Database page.
The program allows users to create and save PDF reports that can be viewed on the web, while also offering the possibility to send them to email or print them.
Internal and external databases can be saved into a single file. Moreover, users can also export their data to databases on a compatible USB drive.
Multi Collector PRO is a piece of software designed to help users to easily keep track of collected items and manage multiple collections at the same time.
Easily create and edit collections.
With this application, users can easily create new database templates or edit existing ones to add new info to their items.
A multitude of details can be added to each entry, including text, numbers, currency, or location. The program allows users to easily find specific items in their collections, while also offering effortless categorization capabilities for new entries.
Collection databases can be secured by adding a password to them from within the application, while an integrated Backup Manager allows users to easily save their catalogs and restore them whenever necessary.
Users can change multiple layouts of statistics, cards and item previews with only a few clicks, while also having the option to save

Multi Collector PRO 79213 Crack 2022 [New]


Multi Collector PRO 79213 (Latest)

Multi Collector PRO is an application for managing multiple collections at the same time. It includes an intuitive interface and a multitude of features. In particular, the app allows users to collect items and manage their information quickly and easily.
Database Administrators.
For Item Collectors.
For Professionals.
By invitation.
Multi Collector PRO collects and organizes your artwork, coins, documents, music, photos or any other type of items. It’s the perfect app for professionals who need to store and manage data about their collections.
Multi Collector PRO provides the following features:
• Easy creation of database templates.
• Manage your collection in multiple collections and/or databases.
• Easily create new entries.
• Quickly access existing items.
• Organize and edit details of existing entries.
• Protect database and items.
• Back up and restore database and/or items.
• Add a password for database and items.
• Print reports in PDF or HTML.
• Export reports to PDF and HTML.
• Export data to Excel, Google Doc, or any cloud backup systems.
• Add QR Codes, and 1D barcodes to reports.
• Use a multitude of drawing styles and sizes.
• Customize layout of reports.
• Generate reports from predefined reports and wizards.
• Generate reports from your own scripts and formulas.
• Generate reports using multiple criteria.
• Add custom fields to database and items.
• Sort entries by their fields.
• Sort reports by their fields.
• Sort reports by their fields.
• Report by date, alphabet, reverse alphabetical, or numerical order.
• Export reports to Excel, Google Docs or any cloud backup systems.
• Use your own formulas to generate reports.
• Reports show data using different layouts and colors.
• Create customized reports by choosing your own drawing style and size.
• Take screenshots of reports.
• Choose from the predefined layouts or generate your own.
• Add your own text, numbers, currency or location.
• Make entries have a title, description, notes and keywords.
• Use different time ranges for reports.
• Switch between portrait and landscape views of reports.
• Print reports using any size.
• Crop or resize any area on a report.
• Use different colors and styles for both report and entry.
• Remove, move or rearrange entries.
• Add images or

What’s New in the?

Multicoll PRO is an outstanding collection manager and organizer application for Android, allowing you to efficiently manage and organize collections of car, truck, SUV, luxury, or sports vehicles, and a huge variety of related items.
With Multicoll PRO, you can easily create new databases, to which you can easily add or edit entries. You can change your collection layouts, colors, and themes with ease.

Multi Collector PRO app has been thoroughly tested and validated and is trusted by users, professionals, and other customers. You can compare it to other products and services to see who provides the best functionality, features, coverage, and customer service.
Unmatched functionality and reliability
In addition to its intuitive and easy-to-use interface, Multicoll PRO features a multitude of useful tools that make it a powerful and reliable solution for organizing and managing multiple collections.
The application is equipped with a full-featured and robust search engine, which can efficiently sort your collection data and can also allow you to find very specific items.
Since it can import and export data in a variety of formats, including CSV, SQLite and XML, Multicoll PRO is a reliable software solution for users who need to easily manage and access their data from almost any source.
All-in-one cross-platform application
Since Multicoll PRO is available for all mobile platforms, it can be used on a variety of devices, including Windows, Mac and Linux, in addition to the apps for Android, iOS, Android TV, Google Home Mini, Fire TV and Roku.
In terms of its functionality, Multicoll PRO is a powerful solution for the car collector and enthusiast. It includes a variety of useful tools that can be used to efficiently organize and manage your vehicle collections.

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System Requirements:

Windows® 7 or later
Minimum System Requirements
OS: Microsoft Windows® XP, Vista
Microsoft Windows® XP, Vista CPU: Intel® Pentium® 4 2.4 GHz / AMD Athlon® XP 2000 MHz or faster
Intel® Pentium® 4 2.4 GHz / AMD Athlon® XP 2000 MHz or faster Memory: 2 GB RAM
2 GB RAM Graphics: 128MB or greater graphics card with 16-bit color support
128MB or greater graphics card with 16-bit color support DirectX: DirectX® 7.0



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