Lilypad 3 Gaming Edition 37 ((LINK))

Lilypad 3 Gaming Edition 37 ((LINK))


Lilypad 3 Gaming Edition 37

The ProtoSnap Plus hardware board is a transparent version of the LilyPad ProtoSnap module. With the addition of a USB Micro-B cable, users can write their own code onto the LilyPad using an Arduino or any tool with USB host support. In addition, a header of 12 pins on the ProtoSnap Plus connects the LilyPad to the inputs and outputs of many commonly available kits and shields.

We’ve developed and engineered a new generation of battery harnesses for the LilyPad. It’s superior handling and extra flexibility make them the clear choice when you’re expanding your LilyPad’s capabilities. Imagine attaching a LilyPad to a robot and having it live for weeks on end without needing to worry about batteries.

Step up your LilyPad skills with this beginner’s workshop. Learn how to wire a LilyPad for charging and how to wire a sensor using the augmented circuit diagram included. With dozens of simple and reusable circuit projects, students will be able to prototype simple electronics using these wearable electronics.

The LilyPad ecosystem is a unique and powerful tool for learning. Use multiple LilyPad products to make and connect circuit boards: The LilyPad, LilyPad 2, LilyPad Sewable Electronics Kit, LilyPad ProtoSnap, LilyPad ProtoSnap Plus, and LilyPad World will enable students to design, create, and build a variety of electronic circuits, sensors, and wearable devices. All you need to get started are: a LilyPad, wires, and a soldering iron. For those looking to start making and do more with the LilyPad technology, then the LilyPad World continues to be the perfect tool. This product allows you to share your own and others’ circuit boards.

The Lilypad Lake Map Pack allows you to “Come get me, I’ll take you to the shore!”…the Lake is a water resistant version of the Lilypad and includes a waterproof Lilypad Main board and Lilypad “Lake” Map.
Lilypad Tiny 3 x7 Game Board ~$40 If you don’t have the need for a really fast- charging microcontroller, but you still want to go all out when playing your favorite games, the Lilypad Tiny is a great way to do it. Using a micro USB connector and a female JST connector on the board, it allows the user to attach a 7-pin compatible JST connector from that of a corresponding micro USB cable.
The Lilypad 6 x6 Game Board The Lilypad 6 x6 Game Board brings together an Arduino compatible chip and USB interface to the 6 pin JST connector. With the Arduino compatible chip you can download the Lilypad Arduino Software to your computer, and use the USB Connection to the computer to upload sketches, run programs, etc. A 6-pin DC-current regulated JST female connector is also included for programming the Arduino compatible chip. The Lilypad Tiny and Lilypad 6 x6 Game Boards are plug and play and you can start programming right away. Once programmed, you can upload the program to the Lilypad main board from your computer.
The “Smoothie” Lilypad Electronic Microphone Coverset Attaches to the Lilypad main board via a self-tapping screw. The goal of this board is to provide a microphone and speaker to the Lilypad main board which are part of the same board.
The Lilypad6x6_Qwirt lets you play your favorite games on a JST female connector. When the player generates input to the game controller, the detector sends a signal to the Lilypad main board, which then triggers the VR programs, which can then, in turn, display the game output on the LCD display. This new board also includes two LED indicators: one blue to indicate “power on” and a “hot” yellow light to indicate communication with the Lilypad Main Board. Also, when the player connects a Game Controller to the board, the Lilypad main board acts as a touch switch for that controller.





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