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I’ve recently been working on a KACE KBOX deployment for an organisation in which the majority of the users are Outlook users.
Since this deployment we are seeing some issues with email accounts with more than one email address. These users can successfully send an email but the send button is disabled.
Also, if an email sent with the failed send method appears in the outbox, it will be moved to the spam folder.
Could you assist with a possible solution?
Kind regards

Yes, this can happen when the outbox and the spams folders are set to “anywhere” (rather than a specific folder).
It is not something we can easily fix, but can probably be solved by resetting the outbox and spams folders, to prevent them being used.

It might also be worth noting that Microsoft are currently in the process of closing many hotmail and live accounts. We can’t guarantee they will work after the switch. We haven’t seen any issues with Live accounts so far, but you never know with Microsoft 😉

Hovewer, since you said that you’re upgrading from KACE 8.1.4 to KACE 10.0.7 (by the way, what version are you currently running?) we may be able to solve the above issue.

Could you send me the KBOX XML file (found in /Apps/Systems Management/KBOX/KBOX.xml) you’re currently using? I will get back to you with a solution.

To summarise, the deployment was successful, but the issues with hotmail/live accounts occurred, at least partly, due to the change from 8.1.4 to 10.0.7.

You may also want to check this Knowledge Base article, which can be found here (KB133635), and also here (KB181943).

Could you please assist with an issue regarding custom events within the KBOX portal? We are seeing that when a user manually cancels an event, this is not appearing in the event log within KBOX, however we are seeing these events appear in the KACE Systems Management Server (KMS) log.

We are currently rolling out KBOX 10.0.7 (and subsequently KMS 10.0.7). Could you please send me a copy of the XML file you’re currently

KBOX System Management Appliance Activation (Latest)

The KBOX virtual appliance provides a cost-effective, redundant, scalable, and centrally managed systems management solution that makes computer and server management a reality for small to medium-sized businesses. With KBOX you get: * Lightweight, yet complete KBOX appliance that takes just minutes to deploy and manage * Standard feature set including OS, Software, Hardware, Service, and Security Provisioning * Fault-tolerant, high-availability management * Provisioning, reconfiguration, and migration support * Fast deployment and managed support
Please refer to the product data sheet for more details.
Company Profile
KACE, Inc.
9221 Riverpark Drive
Suite 420
San Ramon, CA 94583
Phone: (925) 788-5540
Fax: (925) 788-5542
Contact: Chris DiPrima, Product Marketing
Email: c_disp@kace.com
Media Relations: Jon Kanter, Corporate Communication
Phone: (925) 781-0880
Email: jkanter@kace.com
Fax: (925) 654-4712
Address: 9221 Riverpark Drive, Suite 420
San Ramon, CA 94583
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KBOX System Management Appliance Crack For Windows

KBOX System Management Appliance (KBOX) provides a low-cost system and server management solution. KBOX is a web-based platform for all system, application and user management and communication from a single web-based interface. It was designed for server and desktop virtualization environments, and is now the industry’s first system management appliance for desktop and server virtualization.KBOX will meet or exceed the functionality, performance and price of other leading system management software, and is compatible with thousands of standard and custom management solutions. KBOX can be deployed in less than 24 hours and does not require dedicated hardware, professional services, maintenance contracts or ongoing management fees. It is also pre-configured to ensure a smooth and painless deployment of KBOX. KBOX can be easily moved from location to location without compromising functionality or performance. KBOX easily scales from a single user desktop to thousands of users, by adding KBOX nodes and scaling to multiple KBOX nodes. KBOX is also highly customizable allowing organizations to easily integrate additional solutions, such as asset management, into their management and maintenance workflow.


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What’s New in the?

The system management solution for virtualized environments. With KBOX System Management Appliance (KBOX) you can easily manage all of your virtualized desktops and servers – including your VMware, Microsoft, Citrix and Xen/KVM-based virtual systems – from a single point-of-view, without having to manage multiple products.
KBOX virtual systems management is based on a unique appliance-based architecture that allows you to deploy and manage your desktops and servers using a simple plug-and-play deployment model. KBOX is the most easy-to-use systems management tool in the industry.
With KBOX, you don’t need any additional software or hardware to manage your virtual systems. Instantly deploy KBOX appliances that include all of the features you need to manage your virtualized systems, including:
Systems Management Capabilities:
VMM: As a virtual machine, VMware View has all of the functionality of VMware ESX, and is easily manageable with KBOX
Virtual Desktop: KBOX delivers a simple plug-and-play deployment model to easily manage VMware View virtual desktops from a single appliance
Desktop Management: KBOX delivers all of the desktop management capabilities you need for a VMware View virtual desktop
Server Management: KBOX delivers all of the management capabilities you need to manage a VMware Server, including:
 Virtual Appliance: KBOX is virtual appliance technology based on VMware and allows you to deploy and manage your VMware environment with a single appliance
 Reduced Cost: KBOX uses an appliance-based architecture that minimizes costs associated with the installation and maintenance of the appliance and reduces the number of professional services required
Ease-of-Support: Unlike other products, KBOX is backed by a comprehensive service contract that provides fault-proof support for the KBOX appliance
Asset Management: As a virtual appliance, KBOX doesn’t have any physical components.
Patch Management: KBOX deploys in a single day and uses a small footprint, enabling you to quickly and easily distribute all of the required patches
Recovery: KBOX has built-in recovery capabilities that allow you to recover the entire system within minutes
User Provisioning: KBOX can be rapidly provisioned by installing a new appliance and modifying it to meet your specific needs.
Manage Virtual Machines: Easily manage, install and maintain all of the operating systems and software running within a virtual machine (VM) environment
Manage Virtual Servers: Easily manage, install and maintain all of the software and hardware running within a VMware Server virtual server environment
Software Distribution: Easily deploy and maintain all of the software running within a virtual machine (VM) environment
Security Compliance: Easily manage and maintain the patch and configuration settings of all of the software running within a virtual machine (VM) environment
Manage Help Desk Systems: Easily manage and maintain the help


System Requirements For KBOX System Management Appliance:

Minimum system requirements for Windows 10 on both x86 and x64 are as follows:
CPU: Intel Core i3 or later
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: Intel HD4000 or better
Screen Resolution: 1024 x 768
Other: Windows 10
Mac OS X: 10.11.1 or later
Minimum system requirements for Windows 10 on 32-bit are as follows:
Screen Resolution:



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