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The real, long-term deal is that rates would be cut for corporations and other entities that are not household names. No one cares about the corporate income tax rates, most people barely know what the estate tax is.

Barney Frank, Minority Leader in the House, said he wanted to pass it in January, and without the Democratic House wanting it. And now, he is saying the same thing. If he had gotten his way, the GOP would have been cleaning the clock in November.

Kevin McCarthy also wasn’t happy with the plan, but as a Republican he is incapable of telling the truth and so was unwilling to tell his fellow Republicans the truth.

Don’t forget that that’s another important reason they forced this bill through without a single Democratic vote, which was the only way they could make sure that whatever language they had put in about permanent tax cuts and full repeal of Obamacare, etc, etc, etc, they could shove them in there to get rid of the estate tax.

I can’t wait to hear the screaming and shouting once the House GOP brings the tax plan to the floor. It will be deafening to those who voted for Boehner and McConnell, who ran on promises to repeal the estate tax.

It’s amazing how many people are clamoring for Republicans and the GOP to accept some kind of Democratic “concession.”

For the record, unless I’m reading something wrong, Obama campaigned on this estate tax repeal.

“You know, it was back in the ’50s, ’60s, ’70s, ’80s, that we really were innovators. We were creating new industries and there was a lot of reinvestment. And we’re not doing that anymore. We’re not creating new industries. We’re just exporting the industries that we had 50 or 100 years ago



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