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Heavy Gear: Orpheus is an innovative tactical RPG set in a fantasy world. Seven races and thousands of characters can be explored in a sandbox style of character creation. The game is free to play with in game purchases available that provide: crafting items, gems, boosts, and others.
How To Buy:
There are three ways to buy Heavy Gear: Orpheus on our site, as well as the option to download it for free (can be found on the bottom of every screen).
Visit our store page:
3 Play
Currently available on PC only.
We have included the requirements for playing Heavy Gear: Orpheus on PC. PC builds are not designed to run on consoles, so players who wish to play on console should consider playing the standard version of Heavy Gear: Orpheus.
The Fantasy Grounds conversion is released free of charge to the players by The Bearded Botanist.
Fantasy Grounds conversion is an updated, compatible version of the rules.
All creations by The Bearded Botanist are released under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 license.
How To Play:
You can play any version of Heavy Gear: Orpheus on Fantasy Grounds, but for the PC version to run properly you will need the following:
Please visit this page for more details on the requirements needed to play with the Windows version:

Note: All in game items have default attributes; any in game items that need custom attributes can be changed to desired attributes by right clicking on the item and choosing Attributes.
Fantasy Grounds Conversion:
The Fantasy Grounds conversion includes all in game items, except artifacts and special effects, which are free to use in your own creations.
More information on using the conversion can be found at our help page:

Artistic License:
The Bearded Botanist has the right to use the graphics, art, music, sounds and text contained in


Features Key:

  • Crazy and wild new ‘Empire of the Endless’ setting
  • Dozens of shiny new monsters, and new rules on how to play in that world
  • Double-sided, hilarious card, usable either as NPC characters or as PC/GM characters
  • 24 different scenarios – choose your own adventure, yes!
  • Your customizable campaigns, and new invention mechanic that will blow your mind
  • Play as the PCs, or as NPCs – your characters can wake up and go to sleep, and do whatever you want them to
  • Bilingual (English/Spanish) adventures


Fantasy Grounds – Forged Kin (Token Pack) For PC

Fantasy Grounds – Forged Kin is a ready to use pack of tokens for Role Playing Game systems and is designed to be used with free downloadable rulesets. This set of tokens is great for world building, NPC’s and character concepts.
To create a character on your tabletop RPG – Forged Kin is the set for you!
More information on Forged Kin – Forged Kin will be found on the Fantasy Grounds Marketplace after purchase.
About Fantasy Grounds
Fantasy Grounds is the leading virtual tabletop for RPGs. Forged Kin is compatible with Fantasy Grounds version 3.0.10 and higher. Forged Kin is optimized for full screen
and fits together neatly with all desktop screen sizes.
For a free download of the free version of Fantasy Grounds, go to:
Fantasy Grounds is the best virtual tabletop available for RPGs, but is also a complete publishing platform. When you purchase this resource, Fantasy Grounds will take care of all design and publishing for you – and you can proceed with your RPG campaign.
We are adding more options to the configuration menu in upcoming updates. Currently, the following options are available for the token pack:
– Use stat points, d6’s or d10’s:
– Use a different scale: (d6, d20)
– Use a different keyword for stat points:
– Set the maximum number of stat points:
– Set the maximum damage for the stat points:
– Set a limit for the maximum amount of stat points.
– Set a limit for the maximum damage for the stat points.
– Use options (for use in your titles and tokens):
– Use a blank role: (for use in titles and tokens)
– Set a keyword for the blank role: (for use in titles and tokens)
– Set a statistic for the blank role: (for use in titles and tokens)
– Unify stat point weight with the stat assigned: (for use in titles and tokens)
– Set the statistic used for stat points with the stat point’s weight: (for use in titles and tokens)
– Set a weight for the statistic used for stat points: (for use in titles and tokens)
– Set the count used for stat points with the stat point’s weight: (for use in titles and tokens)
– Set a weight for the count used for stat points: (for use in titles and tokens)
– Pre-assign stat points for each role:


Fantasy Grounds – Forged Kin (Token Pack) Crack +

*** FOLLOW ME AT DIGITAL SWORD TO WIN A FREE COPY OF DOUG’S FANTASY GROUNDS ***I am very excited to bring to you the first of a series of token packs. This pack, with 24 tokens, was designed by Doug Davison. Doug has been working on the game system for the one and only Fantasy Grounds for a very long time. He is the main author of the system and is very actively involved in all things FGG.I think Doug’s is the best token pack we have ever had to offer and I am very proud to be able to offer you such a pack at the outset.The tokens will include various common weapons, like hammers and axes, as well as a wide variety of common use items. The heaviest weapon we have in the pack is a heavy hammer, by the way! Forged Kin tokens are fantastic and will greatly enhance any game system.The other best part about these tokens is that they can be mixed and matched into any existing weapon or item. This means you can take them straight from the box, into your game and have a great set up ready to go.The tokens are intended to work with Fantasy Grounds and will work just fine on other tools.The tokens come on a 4×6 mounting card, with their names on the front. The tokens have a great, small white border to them. Below that is the basic stats for the token with a ratio to the item it is supposed to represent.For instance, the gem and diamond tokens have the stats of a diamond and a 2.5 gem respectively. There are about 4 main types of tokens.The first is the Forged Kin token, which is the most basic of all tokens. It represents a very common weapon. Forged Kin are the only tokens that have their names on them and they are printed on the front. Each token has stats for the weight and the damage type of the weapon it represents. There are 4 Heavy Forged Kin, 20 Light Forged Kin, and 4 un-named forged Kin. The stats are simply 1 HP, and 1 ATK.They can be used straight into Fantasy Grounds, or they can be broken down and used to make your own token sets.Two of the types of tokens are generic in nature, meaning they are just tools. For instance, the Book Mage token is a very common spell caster, with a lot of different spells. The spells are generic in nature and can be broken down and used to make your own token set.


What’s new in Fantasy Grounds – Forged Kin (Token Pack):

By Imperator-Zor Watch

20 Favourites 12 Comments 2K Views

A pre-made Kin Pack for your main league playing on Fantasy Grounds.

Here is said pack by Imperator-Zor and of course here by me.

Enjoy and have fun!

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Free Download Fantasy Grounds – Forged Kin (Token Pack) Crack


How To Crack:

As you can tell this game is based off of WoW. It’s one of Blizzard’s best and easiest made class packs and it’s what most are using today. So why not give it a try? 

After that we will next show you how to install Fantasy Grounds – Forged Kin Theme to your computer, that’s one of the few ways to do it. If you don’t want to install it manually go to one of the links below and download everything to your computer. 

  • Fantasy Grounds
  • Token  Pack



System Requirements For Fantasy Grounds – Forged Kin (Token Pack):

Recommended – 1280×720
Possible – 640×480
CPU: Core i3-4130 / Core i5-2520K
OS: Windows 7
DirectX: 11
Please also check out the most recent patch, available for download HERE
The mandatory Steam installation is NOT included in the package, you can install it here:


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