EVERSPACE 1.3.5 !!LINK!! 💪

EVERSPACE 1.3.5 !!LINK!! 💪

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If you want to be part of our development process, or if you want to help contribute to the campaign to raise funds for EVERSPACE 2, please visit the Kickstarter page. For more information about EVERSPACE 2 and development updates, please follow us on Twitter, Facebook or the ever growing EVE Online sub reddit. Lastly, dont forget to join our community on Steam!

If you feel like being downright mean about it, you can always launch Everspace and set the resolution to 1024×768 from the console. I mean, itll still run as its designed and release as 1.3.5, and its better than playing as a PS4, or PC minigame, you know?

everspace is a roguelike space shooter in the tradition of games such as the roguelike, dungeon crawl: lite and thief: the dark project . but here, your character is not a rogue, thief, or whatever. youre a crew member. a guide in this new universe you call home. according to the chronology, you have been there with your fellow crew members for a long time. the game features fast-paced, space combat action combined with large-scale exploration and a captivating story.

in the first game, youre the captain of a spaceship. with everspace 1.3.5, players now play as a member of a crew. however, just like your captain, your character is not left to his own devices. youre required to give directions to the rest of your crew to get the job done. the forces working against you are also part of the crew. by guiding your crew in the best direction, you must protect your crew and your ship from danger. you manage your crew, your ship, and your equipment as you fly between the stars.

the dogfighting is enjoyable, and very different from elite dangerous (which takes place in a universe where planets are safe havens for mankind, not a frontier that needs to be explored), the controls are intuitive, and the game feels like a game of sorts. the best part of everspace is the chance to find and explore new worlds. i can understand why everspace relies on player exploration, because the world building and story do not take center stage. and the story is a silent one. but it would be easy to fill in the blanks if you wanted to know what was going on, and it would be cool to know the history of the universe.
but what really makes everspace so great is the beauty of the games visual design. the visuals are wonderful, and the game looks like a sci-fi version of the space simulator games of old. the small amounts of low level scripted events (such as station construction, resource mining, and the building of moon bases) add to the game’s atmosphere. its best to play the game on the high-end setting, because the low-end setting produces some nasty graphical artifacts. i have to agree with the developers that a gamepad is not the best control device, and recommend the use of a keyboard or mouse.
a main feature of everspace is the variety of planets and moons. the player can explore through caves and caves, volcanic regions, snowstorms, and even a burning desert. you can also build infrastructure on planets. and there are two moons available for players to visit, and a space station that you can build, and a space colony to expand. the player can also set up mining operations and track down resources to sell, or build more permanent structures. there are also some more zen-like aspects of the game, such as a relic scavenger you can meet on some planets, and many more.





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