English Subtitle For Russian Lolita !!EXCLUSIVE!!

English Subtitle For Russian Lolita !!EXCLUSIVE!!


English Subtitle For Russian Lolita

i.a. grot

(posted by: m.orthofer) – permanent link –
to the editor

13 august 1962

dear sir,

i.orthofer) – permanent link –
p.o. box 679,
turin, italy

in your editorial ‘is lolita porno? (“is lolita a porno?,” p.1) you claim that the “resemblance of the adult type of girl to the standard of a high school girl” as described in lolita is made “on the spot,” i.e. as the novel was being written. it seems to me that if one writes a novel, it is not “on the spot,” but before the writing has begun, so that one has the full benefit of foreknowledge.

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i. box 679,
turin, italy

yours very truly,

i. grot

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