East West Quantum Leap Ministry Of Rocktorrent

East West Quantum Leap Ministry Of Rocktorrent


East West Quantum Leap Ministry Of Rocktorrent

musicians worldwide have been wishing for a virtual drum library that actually resembled their own, but until eastwests quantum leap ministry of rocktorrent the only realistic option was to rip up a cheap cardboard box and mount a couple of them. now eastwests quantum leap ministry of rocktorrent is available to anyone who can afford the price tag. its safe to say that if youre an old school drummer, youre gonna feel like youve come home after listening to the sounds of the legendary eastwests own drum kits and production teams. there really arent many products like this out there, which makes quantum leap ministry of rocktorrent so great for both the novice and the seasoned pro alike.

eastwest calls the samples pre-loaded or re-loaded. pre-loaded samples are on the first cd, while the re-loaded sample are on the second cd. the re-loaded samples tend to be a bit more challenging to work with. many of them have been pre-compensated to be certain they produce the result you want. you can use the 3-way dynamic gain pedal to control the overall volume. you can also use the 10-band graphic eq and the 3-band graphic eq to further fiddle with the samples.

eastwest explains the different uses of the samples. as you would expect, morii has uses for everything from recording and playback to live sound. this is a huge library of samples that arent just for the studio. the bass and guitar samples are very usable too.

eastwest ministry of rock 2 is a totally free download for windows xp/vista/7 32-bit and 64-bit versions of os x (apple, not windows) but while the basic drum kits are included, eastwests storm drum 3 is a licensed product and only works in a compatible host like maschine or ableton live. for a free product, storm has a lot to live up to.

Now for my review of EastWests Storm Drum 3 virtual instrument. This product has been out for quite some time, but only since late last year or so that EASTWEST released a version of it. Before that, Storm Drum 3 for people who knew what MorII was, there were two other pre-releases called “Storm Drum Lite” and “Storm Drum”, I think were they downloaded separately. Storm Drum 3 is a great virtual instrument, super-fast and easy to use but its also a bit like EASTS MorII and the main reason I opted for Storm Drum 3, the main reason its my award-winning MorII, is that you can select any snare drum in the library and it plays any sample of that snare drum. Thats the main difference between it and MorII, plus each drum has its own 3 mics like MorII, plus its packed with a huge library of samples for any kit style and genre youre looking for. I found myself listening to it rather than MorII, a lot actually. Its a cool product and its apparently a big seller. To me though, its not that much more than MorII, theres no beats, chorus, envelopes or round-trip like MorII. Its drum only, so im sure lots of people like it.
EastWest have recently released a demo of what to expect from their flagship Virtual Drum Kit called the Storm Drum 3 (just Storm for short). Using this kit, the studio workflow is as smooth as it gets; the kit features my choice of Storm Drum Engine . The only snag is the demo comes with just one drum, which is still a better deal than buying a new instrument you couldnt be bothered to set up. It doesnt sound like much, or of any use really, but its good enough to illustrate whats possible.

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