Dr Scott Mcquate Pdf Free !!LINK!! 🧤

Dr Scott Mcquate Pdf Free !!LINK!! 🧤


Dr Scott Mcquate Pdf Free

the city of jerusalem was one of the largest cities in the world in 700 bc. the people there were greek, egyptian, phoenician, sidonian, and hebrew. the people knew nothing of the laws. the adults only called themselves “children of the city”. the people watched the greeks and egyptians and everyone else.

the egyptian gods were pagan gods. they were evil and did not care if humans lived or died. this is why the people were slaves to their pharaoh. the egyptians failed to fully destroy israel in the 40th year of captivity. they were completely defeated. this was their ultimate punishment. the ten commandments were given by god to the hebrew people.

concerning the law written in the hearts of men, this is why cultural prohibitions show an amazing parallelism. do not lie, do not steal, do not murder, do not commit adultery, etc. (the notable exception being the sabbath)these demonstrate what paul is talking about.

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a shocking number of people claim that dr. mcquates findings are within scripture, but so much of his research and especially his claims are clearly not supported by his biblical sources. some of his claims are no more biblical than saying the ten commandments are from the egyptian book of the dead. dr. mcquates claims to have 24 years of exegesis and bible study under his belt. if that is true, he has seriously needed to dig further for a quarter of a century.
dr. mcquates interpretation of the law was once validated by wtaw burroughs, who testified in response to the law suit against wtaw burroughs. but he has not been consistent in that he has not followed the law. he has not admitted that his findings are not supported by the bible. he is now claiming that his books show that the law is biblical. but, in fact, he is a scholar of book not of truth. he can claim what he wants. but if he continues to teach false doctrine to the public, then he can no longer be considered a legitimate theologian. many people who say that god gave the 10 commandments to moses upon mt. sinai do not claim that those laws are derived from the egyptian book of the dead. when wtaw burroughs talked about the exodus event, he said that israel left the egyptian slavery, had moses upon mt. sinai, wrote the 10 commandments and left egypt. those are the scriptural statements of truth. those were the commandments given by the god of the bible. dr. mcquates book and website promote non-biblical concepts. they have no place in a christian. the bible does not support the 10 commandments being derived from anything other than the book of moses. no one has claimed otherwise. you cannot use extra-biblical sources to validate a biblical doctrine.



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