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Convert & Open is a tool that automatically repairs bad links such as h**p, f*p, htp:site.com, and converts back slashes to forward.
Removes blank spaces, link breaks, tabs and bad characters. Also restores missing slashes and repairs bad emails.
No more copy and pasting of incorrect/invalid URLs.







Convert And Open X64 [2022]

100% free!
Very easy to use.
Works on all kinds of HTML documents, pages or web pages.
Open links in your browser, and save them in a text file to transfer.
Convert and Open Benefits:
Save time and avoid getting tripped-up bad links.
Get the best quality output directly from the web.
Save valuable disk space.
Download the free demo
Convert and Open Features:
Convert and Open has many features designed for maximum efficiency.
Directly convert links from web pages using the “Edit” option in Convert and Open.
View converted links in your browser for immediate confirmation.
Convert URLs and save them to text file.
Add Remove images from URL’s (To do this you need to select “Convert & Open” and then select “Edit – Remove images from links”).
Convert HTML to Text, Web pages and other formats.
Fix links for sending to people using text files, emails, shareware and SCUMM.
Much more…
Convert and Open Requirements:
Convert and Open requires:
Internet Explorer
Microsoft Word
Links can be URL, ABSOLUTE or relative
This is the full version of Convert and Open which requires the following additional features:
Functions of Remove images, Remove headers, Remove frames, Remove JavaScript, Add Tab, Add hyperlink, Convert and open multiple URLs, Multiple paragraph styles, Code Color Option, Add Header, Add Footer, Add Index, Add Page Number, Add Notes, Remove word Wraps, and Add References.
Convert and Open Copyright:
Convert and Open is freeware, so you can use Convert and Open for any non-commercial or personal use.
Convert and Open trademarks:
Convert and Open is freeware that is distributed under GPL license.
If you want to remove the copyright statement, you need to specify the source of the program as follows:
“Convert and Open Copyright 2004-2006 by Convert and Open LLC”.
To modify the program you need to specify the source code.
Convert and Open logos:
Convert and Open includes the icon in all the actions.
You can use and customize this icon as you like.
Contact us:
Convert and Open contact mail address:
Please mail me any suggestions or comments you may have about this software or any related problems and I will do my best to

Convert And Open Free

Converts links and directions back to the proper URL format.
Removes blank spaces, link breaks, tabs, and bad characters from URLs.
Corrects missing slashes.
Replaces bad emails with valid emails.
Replaces missing forward slashes and adds missing backslashes.
Removes incorrect and /
Replaces invalid characters with valid characters.
Adds missing “www.”

You can download the latest.jar from here (OSX) or here (Windows).
Note: I haven’t uploaded this software here for several years, just because I lost my license.


Thank You for all the Answers. I get it!!!
Unfortunately, I tried these solutions as they did not work for me. I will try the best solutions and post my findings.

Remove underscores, forward slashes and spaces and transform them into dash, slashes, and dots respectively:


Convert forward slashes to the proper sequence:


We also find out other pages like “” is bad and must be changed to “” and vice versa.


We need to disable www in htaccess file and rewrite the page:

RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^www.example.com$ [NC]
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI}!^(index\.php|images|js|jsi)$ [NC]
RewriteRule.* [R=301,L]

Test the URL:


We will decide what we want to do with.com or.net and other domains. Also, we may use some other domain name like www.mydomain.com. It is the only benefit that we get after such conversion.
Afterwards, I found an awesome URL Converter Tool from Mikael Hack. Simply install this from GitHub, move to any directory and run

Convert And Open Crack+

Typical operation of Convert & Open will look like this:
Convert & Open mywebsite.com/index.php?x=1 -> mywebsite.com/1

Convert and Open accepts plain URLs as well as URLs in HTML, text or Outlook e-mails.
This tool is appropriate for your webmaster too, because the link problems can be converted without any changes to your web pages. Using Convert & Open means that you no longer have to manually fix bad links. Your web pages can now be automatically fixed and optimized for search engines.
Handles the following slashes:

/ – = –
? – + –


Space – –
x – A
x – A

HTML tags:

Asterix – <a> –
Asterisk – * –
Brand – | –
Bracket – { –
Brackets – + –
Colon – : –
Dot – ~ –
Equal sign – - –
Expansion – = –
Lambda – + –
Lt – < –
LtAsterix – * –
LtBrand – | –
LtBracket – { –
LtColon – : –
LtDot – ~ –
LtExpansion – = –
LtLambda – + –
LtLt – z –
LtLtAsterix – * –
LtLtBrand – | –
LtLtBracket – { –
LtLtColon – : –
LtLtDot – ~ –
LtLtExpansion – = –
LtLtLambda – + –
Omega – , –
P – } –
Ring – - –
Sigma – ? –
Square – - –

What’s New in the?

Convert and Open is a small, yet powerful application for those who have been searching for a better URL editor and URL sanitizer.
Why suffer from poorly-formed or corrupted URLs when you can Convert & Open them? Convert and Open converts any links that are not properly-formatted (e.g. empty spaces, links that are incorrectly broken, links that are missing the host name, links to AOL Hot Link Pages, etc.) and converts them to their proper links. Using Convert and Open ensures that the URLs you use in your webpages are proper, so you won’t be shown with popup banners that feature incorrect links.

Convert and Open works with MS HTML, Opera, Netscape, Elinks, Lynx and any browser that parses HTML, including Chome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer.
Convert and Open can also convert HTML, plain text, RTF and Microsoft Word documents, and can convert any number of documents to any supported HTML format (e.g. plain text, HTML, XML, RSS, Wiki, etc.).
Convert and Open also converts any markup that you use in plain text documents into HTML, and vice-versa.
No more pasting bad URLs, or hand coding your links into HTML. Convert and Open can easily convert the URLs that you use throughout your webpages into the proper format. And if the HTML is not the proper format, Convert and Open can convert the document itself to the correct format.

Convert and Open was originally developed by a community of volunteer programmers and has received rave reviews.
Here are a few of the great things people are saying about Convert and Open:

• E-mailed from a school project.
• It really helps when you get links that are wrong.
• Helps out a lot in link development.
• Very, very easy to use.
• Very, very fast.
• A very good and easy to use link conversion tool.
• I’ve used it a few times to verify links. It was faster than realtors so it might be for some people.
• Very easy to use – one small open file.
• Very effective and inexpensive.
• It’s worth the money.
• What is the name for the program?
• Compressed formats.

Convert & Open is a really easy to use and very powerful program. I really like Convert & Open. It works on a lot of file types. I


System Requirements For Convert And Open:

Mac OS 10.5.x or later
4GB of hard-drive space
Video Card of 128MB or more
DirectX 9 compatible
Windows XP or later
Hard Drive Space:
As you can see you need plenty of hard drive


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