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Also has options to display different license information, display RSS information on a feed, and display the JDK version number, among other things.

You don’t really need the Java version, so why use this program? It’s a useful utility to see what the current security model is set to, and what the OS level settings are. It is useful for troubleshooting various issues that you might have. Try it.

If you find it too cumbersome to run via Java Applets, you can always run it from the command line.

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CMP Wassup is a small applet that lets you know what’s up with your Java environment. It will tell you the System Properties, as many as the Security system will let you peek at. This includes such things as which JVM is running, which version of Java, which vendor. It may be run as either an Applet or an application.
When you run Wassup as an application it shows you considerably more information. The Java sandbox considers it a security risk to reveal that information to an Applet. As an application, you can see all the possible System Properties. When you run as an unsigned Applet, your view is much more limited. If you OK the Java sandbox security override, it will let you view the restricted properties.
As a heads-up, for this applet to work, you must click grant/accept/always run on this site/I accept the risk to give it permission to read the restricted system properties. If you refuse to grant permission, the program may crash with an inscrutable stack dump on the console complaining about AccessController.
For more issue-avoiding advice, go to the developers page. There is a list with all cautions that need to be taken for safe use
CMP Wassup Description:

CMP Wassup Description:

CMP Wassup Description:

Also has options to display different license information, display RSS information on a feed, and display the JDK version number, among other things.

You don’t really need the Java version, so why use this program? It’s a useful utility to see what the current security model is set to, and what the OS level settings are. It is useful for troubleshooting

CMP Wassup Download

CMP Wassup Crack Keygen is an applet for viewing and manipulating Java System Properties.
The applet will tell you what the version of java is, what the host os is, what host vendor is and what version is of the java runtime (vm)
There is no limited functionality to the program, but the security is limited to reading and writing to the system properties. i.e. you can read the system properties of the LocalMachine but not the system properties of the current user. If you wish to alter the local host settings, you must do this through the “JAVA_HOME” environment variable.
This applet is written in XML, and is viewable in a browser with an XML based browser.
Version History:
05-JUN-2010: This applet is still in development with a few bugs still.
10-JUL-2009: Old version (applet only) 0.7 shipped out – no bug issues and no changes in data storage or display logic.
02-FEB-2009: The project is going through changes. The project has been taken over by a new developer. The applet version 0.1 has been released and there are no bug issues reported yet.
NOTE: The XML parser used by the applet is part of a JAR file which is in the Class lib location. the applet has a bug that uses the parser from an incorrect location, or at least doesn’t find the correct part of it. This is not a bug in the source code, but a mis-configuration of the applet. If you get a failed to open stream/resource error, you may need to remove the packaged JAR file to reload the file (you may need to replace it)Q:

Difference between $.getJSON and $.ajax

Can anyone tell me what is difference between $.ajax and $.getJSON in jQuery. Both are returning the same data.


$.ajax() uses $.post() to send the request, $.get() to read the response and $.getJSON() to transform the response to JSON.


$().ajax() with the proper parameters will send a POST request to the specified URL. To receive the data back from the server, you’ll typically use the following callback function:
function(response) {
var data = response.data;


CMP Wassup Crack License Keygen 2022 [New]

After receiving a lot of request we took the opportunity to clean some things of the site. Though we lost quite a lot of data due to this effort we decided to present you a little overview with our security tips for better use of our platform.

If you have questions or find any bugs, we are looking forward to hear from you.
Enjoy reading!

Additional Note:
We recently noticed that CMP Wassup started displaying the system info of the local machine (Java VM) instead of the machine which received the applet. This “bug” is a regular behaviour and will correct itself after you download the new version (
The version is available here (SHA1 5F514725A8EA3A085E8B4C9B04C5F4D8729F5DA5). We don’t have any plans to change the current release and will update the page when the next version comes out.
Thanks to Alexander Pekolj for developing some of the code.

if you have any bugs or issues, please let me know too! 🙂
Version is here (SHA1 7BDE09B856D6C9AAC2E5C1F9D7A410D0A9D280A9)

A few things were changed.

Cross-platform support. Now Wassup not only allows you to check your Java version, but also allows you to check the one on the client computer (Windows, Linux, etc…)
Support for offline checking. Now Wassup can check for the version of Java on the client computer and report back online and offline. This should (hopefully) help with the “Java Applet doesn’t work” issues.
More details of the methods. They’re far more detailed now and include which system properties (again for both online and offline access) are reported.
Still no big changes in the applet, other than cosmetic fixes and the addition of a new version number.

I personally think this is a major step forward for CMP Wassup, and is a big improvement on the way it was when it was new. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that’s helped out along the way.

New in version is the ability to check the version of Java on the client computer

What’s New in the CMP Wassup?

Wassup is a little information applet that shows some miscellaneous items about the JVM running your Java application. It is possible to use less information than that which is shown. It is possible to suppress/remove/change information shown. It is possible to run it as an application or an applet. It is possible to run it inside the Sun JVM, or a JVM of your choice. Wassup will not be installed, or run, by default.
When it is run as a node in your path, it will display information about the JVM and it’s environment. It will run for a brief moment while it grabs this information, and then display. It will also display when it runs as a standalone application.
This program is intended to be used to self-diagnose a Java environment which is known to work properly on your machine. It will make no claims about other systems. Because of that, it will display Java Vendor and version. This is only really helpful to the author though, who knows his own code well enough to spot his version/build/bug.
The following properties are visible with permission granted:
System Properties:
System properties as in java.lang.System

javax.management.MBeanServer (the MBeanServer for the JVM)

Sun.java.launcher (the class name of the launcher for the JVM)

java.runtime.version (the version number of Java VM)

sun.boot.library.path (location of the bootstrap libraries)

sun.boot.class.path (location of the bootstrap classes)

sun.io.unicode.encoding (the Unicode character encoding name)

sun.jnu.encoding (the character encoding for the Sun JDK)

sun.java.command (the command that JVM attempts to run)

sun.java.launcher (the name of the Java launcher)

sun.java.vm.version (the version of the Java VM)

sun.nio.ch.file_cache_size (the size of the file cache)

sun.nio.cs.dirs (the locations of the char/wide/network files)

sun.nio.cs.kernel_directories (the locations of the char/wide/network kernel dirs)

sun.nio.cs.model (the char/


System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7/8
Processor: 1.6 Ghz
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 or ATI Radeon HD5850 or higher
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 800 MB available space
Additional Notes:
Network: Internet connection is strongly recommended
Some of the screens in the game may be unavailable to users with less than the recommended specs. To ensure that you get the best experience, please refer to the minimum system requirements.




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