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Ausblick 3 Lehrerhandbuch Free Dowland VERIFIED

Ausblick 3 Lehrerhandbuch Free Dowland VERIFIED


Ausblick 3 Lehrerhandbuch Free Dowland

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AUSBLICK 3 LEHRERHANDBUCH. Im Test. Ausblick 3 Lehrerhandbuch – Download.The next phase of the movement for change in the Bekaa Valley is underway. Over the weekend, the Syrian opposition published a list of over 60 demands it hopes will be included in a new, national political transition agreement, and for the first time, the list extends beyond the regime of Bashar al-Assad. The demands include an amnesty for political prisoners, democratic elections, and equality between men and women and the rapid return of those displaced by the current war. Opposition fighters in the region told The Independent that they want a new constitution, the lifting of the state of emergency and the reinstatement of Syria’s parliament and the municipal council. “The state and its institutions must be fully renewed and re-stabilized before any new elections are held,” the statement said. The signatories demanded that the departure of the large number of foreign fighters from the region be addressed, arguing it has a direct impact on the security situation. “The removal of foreign fighters from the equation will secure the [Bekaa] Valley’s stability and public safety for all its inhabitants, in addition to improving the daily lives of people in general,” the document stated. The West’s treatment of the Syrian opposition is also used as a source of contention in the demands, calling for the exile of members of the regime with foreign ties. The move to present demands to Washington and its allies came after Bekaa Valley Syria Watch, a group of young Syrian opposition members, held a conference on the weekend. BSSW said its actions were a continuation of efforts to drive out Western-backed elements of the insurgency. According to a source within the movement, the next phase of this strategy is to bring the demands, now signed by over 60 opposition groups, to the United States and its allies. “We are going to use every possible means to bring the initiative on the table to Washington and its allies,” the source said. While the majority of the demands address the future, they are also looking to the past. The document asks that the regime of Hafez al-Assad be recognized as the sole authority in Syria and that violations of human rights, torture and brutality be annulled. The Syrian democratic movement in the Bekaa Valley extends from Harsha to the Beirut-Damascus highway. Syrian opposition groups have been vying for dominance of the movement since the initiation of the uprising. The most powerful groups are the Syrian Islamic Front, the Syrian National Coalition and the Free Syrian Army. The next phase in the movement is expected to be on display at the United Nations General Assembly in New York in September. It is seen as a major test for both sides, as Washington and its allies will need to decide how to deal with the growing acceptance of the Syrian opposition and its demands.

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