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The anime genre kicked off slowly with a few old series that soon became classics and, with time, it started influencing not just TV but also other aspects of daily life, such as fashion. This industry began creating a multitude of shows based on real life, fantasy, romance, action or war, and some of them touched our heart and became our favorite.
Anime List Builder is one of many apps out there that helps you add and manage not only anime but also TV shows and movies. It provides a straightforward and intuitive interface divided into four tabs, each with a different purpose and basic toolbar.
Create and populate the list with favorite records
To get started, you can either make a new file from scratch or open an existing one from the computer in IGC format. When adding an item, you first have to input the full and original title, group, type, location, quality, as well as a relevant link, number of episodes, genre, and synopsis.
Plus, the tool offers additional fields, such as comment, dubbed and subbed languages, and if you saw it or not. The file information tab enables you to insert technical details, such as file extension, size, path, a CRC32, SHA1, MD5.
Handle additional details and configure general and technical settings
You can add as many screenshots as it's necessary, the app supporting most of the standard file formats, like JPG, BMP, GIF, ICO, PNG and EMF. All pictures can be viewed in the right corner of the window. Anime List Builder provides two individual converters, one that transforms older file versions (V1, V2) into newer ones (V3), and the other that converts AWD list formats in IGC.
The settings menu lets you manage user details, change the language interface, customize the view layout, by hiding the title, subs, group or location fields, as well as modifying the color for complete, incomplete, and ongoing items. What's more, you can export the database in TXT, XML and HTML file types. The last one brings up a window from where you have the option to select the HTML layout (color, banner).
To sum it up, Anime List Builder is a handy and accessible utility designed to offer an easy method of inserting and handling general and advanced information about various anime, tv shows and movies. During our testing, the app didn't consume too many resources, but it lagged when we accessed the menu, and the tool reacted chaotically when making selections.







Anime List Builder Crack+ Activator [Mac/Win]

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★ Easily and quickly build your anime list.
★ Categorize, add notes, and organize your anime collection.
★ Customize the appearance of your list to help you find what you’re looking for.
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★ Focused on providing the highest quality anime list possible.
★ View the full anime list with easy list scrolling.
★ Add or remove anime categories by pressing the + or – signs.
★ Text search for anime list items.
★ Audio podcast support.
★ Updated for iDevices 5.
★ Great user experience and looks great on iOS 7.
★ Suported for all iOS devices with 2G, 3G, 4G
★ You can customize appearance, select theme for easy viewing, sort anime list by name or category, add or remove a cool Anime List Builder Crack Keygen icon.
★ Choose to add an on screen button for quick and easy access to the anime’s animes/sub categories.
★ Easy to use: No extra learning curve required.
★ Create and edit your anime list and add your own personal notes to anime episodes, manga, or DVDs.
★ Personalize and sort your anime list by name, genre, year, release date.
★ Hand-picked anime list includes only the highest quality anime available on the app store.
★ Supports multiple languages.
★ Podcast support.
★ X-ray mode to display the content of your items.
★ Support for the iDevice 6th and 6th Plus model.
★ Realtime character profile for anime episodes.
★ Many more features.

This app allows you to register for the service without having a fee for all the features. Once you have a paid subscription, the app gives you access to all the features. All the features are completely free to use except some premium features

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Customer Reviews

Best app for organising anime


The main reason I came across this app was to have a better way to manage anime I have. Whilst there are loads of anime list builders around, this one is by far the best, this includes not only supporting multiple languages but allowing you to use a separate dictionary to add synonyms and other meanings to anime characters, this adds a great feature to being able to add multiple meanings or subtitles for a character and make it look more professional.

Anime List Builder License Key

– Create and populate the list with favorite records
– Find anime, tv shows and movies with great interface and details
– Edit lists, episodes and comments
– Enable sorting
– Add, remove and reorder record with just a click
– Add keywords and descriptions
– More than 100,000+ anime, tv shows and movies
– Synopsis, original title, character, voice actors and actors
– Full-size photos
– Banner, subtitles, dubs and subs language
– Browse by rank (number of viewers), number of episodes or date added
– Support all image formats, including PNG, BMP, JPEG, GIF, ICO and EMF
– Supports files version 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0
– Provides CRC32, SHA1, MD5
– Answering the most common questions while using the app
What’s New in Version 3.0:-
–  An easier way to select scenes with only a single click
–  Select comment and add new comment simultaneously
–  Customize your sort order
–  Free and easy background tasks
–  Crash fixes

It’s finally time to put those great anime skills to the test and go up against your friends! It’s time to prove that you’re the best anime fan around!
– The Ranking mode lets you see who the anime fan is!
– Start by sorting all the animes in your Ranking list by votes.
– The Ranking List is a great way to see who’s winning the fandom.
– You have a few different ways to earn points:
+ Comments- Exchange your anime comments and get extra points for your effort.
+ Submissions- Do you love anime that have been submitted from people around the world? And you can earn more points by adding additional details.
+ Points- Stay connected to people who share your passion in anime.
– The ranking system records everyone’s progress. With Rank Points, you can finally challenge your friends.
– When the Ranking Game has ended, your ranking will be saved to your Ranking list.
You can also share your Ranking list on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media accounts.
– Best part of the game is that your ranking is adjustable depending on your preference.
– The anime fan will earn points, Rank Points, Rank Up, Rank Down Points, and more when he completes each game.
– New friend, new skills,

Anime List Builder Crack+

Anime List Builder is the most complete Anime and Movie Database that offers music, video games, manga and other alternatives from the full range of content. You will have all of the latest anime in the House of Animes, because with our Anime List Builder, you can watch all of the anime that are new. TV Shows will go by instantly or have you look them up in the genre or type for easy access to the content. The Movies Directory will let you know what movies are new in theaters, on DVD and Blu-ray, on cable, or on VOD. Finally, Music will allow you to make your own list of favorite anime songs or music videos. We have merged all of the things that you love to do into one tool to get to your anime, tv shows, video games, manga, and other alternatives. Anime List Builder is the most complete Anime and Movie Database that offers music, video games, manga and other alternatives from the full range of content.


1. Make sure the power of your device and how much memory is available.
2. Don’t start playing a new show on the device until it has finished downloading, otherwise it will be interrupted and you may have to start the show all over again.

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What’s New in the Anime List Builder?

Anime List Builder is the best anime tool for both beginners and experts with fast, automatic, free and fully functional importing, saving and exporting. Just follow the import wizard in the box and you’ll be imported to the database within a few minutes.
Manage and migrate data from old versions of the list with the migration wizard and get detailed data reports about your series in the metadata.
Anime List Builder is a suite for displaying your anime collection in an easy to use interface. It offers all the standard feature and options for a good anime browser but it is more than that.
Enjoy your latest anime series and watch them anytime on the go.
Anime List Builder Main Features:
– Free and simple data migration for the older versions of the list. The tool can import pictures, videos, audio files and directory structure.
– Fast, automatic data import. The tool can import and save data from multiple IGC files (list folders).
– Massive database of anime. The tool offers a combined database with over 1.2 million records.
– User-friendly interface that includes all the needed tools and attributes for every genre of anime and tv shows.
– Group-based tagging. These tags let you organize your anime collection better. You can create, edit and delete groups, as well as add and manage users for them.
– Customizable settings and filters. The app offers a complete view of your anime collection by default. That is, you can hide or show the fields, change the order, sort and filter items, as well as import and export data.
– Data and notes management. Your personal anime collection can be shared via emails or FTP.
– Metadata reports. Data from all compatible anime can be exported and printed in a variety of formats.
Anime List Builder, the best tool for anime enthusiasts, offers a comprehensive set of features for anime lovers to manage their anime collection on the go. During our tests the app worked smoothly, but we were unable to complete a simple import without a crash.
Anime List Builder Themes:
Style1 – [Repackaged] – Material Design
Version: 1.4
Released on: 2019-06-05
Size: 8,412.8 KB
Requirements: Android 4.0.0 and up

** Android Police endorsement **
Make your anime collection public with a digital catalog and manage it all in one place.
Anime List Builder is the best anime tool for both beginners


System Requirements:

Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Windows 7/8/8.1/10
Processor: Intel i3-560M/i5-450M/i7-3520M (2.13 GHz) or AMD Phenom II X4 805 (2.9 GHz)
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4000, NVIDIA GT 520M or AMD Radeon HD 6530D, 256 MB VRAM or better
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Storage: 4 GB available hard disk space


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