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* **Tutorials and training**. There are lots of tutorials and video lessons available to help you learn Photoshop’s many powerful features and functions. For example, Adobe’s shareware Creative Suite 4 (CS4) Essentials: Color and Image Tools book (`www.adobe.com/products/creative_suite/guide/chapter1.html`) and the two courses included in the book are good places to start. Other books that cover Photoshop are _Photoshop: The Missing Manual_ by Andy Clarke, _Photoshop CS3: Making Ideas Real_ by Rod Addey, _Photoshop Elements: The Missing Manual_ by Karl Meyer, and _Photoshop: The Missing Manual_ by Don Graham and Scott Bently. * **Photoshop 4**. The depth of capability in Photoshop 4 is really impressive. For example, Adobe managed to cram a powerful character-styling system in the palette window, along with every character type that could possibly exist (9,900 by their count), directly into the palette window, without having to switch to another window or application. In one of the more useful additions for the still-working photographer, the brush tool now includes a size setting feature, so you can start with a small brush and paint with large strokes. * **Photoshop Elements 4.0**. Photoshop Elements isn’t just an image-editing application; it’s a suite of tools. This greatly extends its usefulness. * **Illustrator: Photoshop and the Illustrator workhorse**. The latest version of Illustrator now supports Photoshop’s raster-based image formats. Both file types, and the composite files they create, can now be opened in both. And, like Photoshop, Illustrator now has a character-styling system and an on-canvas help system, the pen tool, and an assortment of character and drawing tools.

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You may want to consider Photoshop Elements if: You want to change the look of an image without touching the original file. You don’t need professional software or want to pay for it. You don’t want to pay for an all-in-one app with professional features. You plan on making the occasional change and don’t want to pay a subscription for a professional version. You want to adjust images quickly because you’re shooting for your blog. You want to reduce the size of your memory footprint. Read more: Adobe Photoshop vs Elements vs Lightroom (which one should you get?) In this Photoshop Elements vs Lightroom guide, we’ll show you when you’re better off choosing Photoshop over Elements and when Lightroom is the better choice. We’ll cover five Adobe products, including Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Lightroom, Bridge and Premier. How to choose the right image editing software for you There’s a Photoshop for almost any skill level, but it gets pretty easy to create a good image if you’ve got a basic understanding of Photoshop. If you think you may want to go professional, however, it’s worth your while to have a look at Photoshop and to familiarize yourself with its tools. It may even be worth your while to study some of the tutorials on Adobe’s website. Why you should use Photoshop vs. Elements For the basics, use Photoshop. If you want to create websites and graphics for your blog or company, you’ll probably find that Elements is the way to go. For your average photo editing and home slideshow, you can use Photoshop Elements’ editing tools, and the tools in any of Adobe’s other photo software products. Why you should use Lightroom vs. Elements Lightroom is more specifically designed for photographers, and it’s a better tool for editing RAW or DNG images than it is for editing JPGs. If you’re using Lightroom to edit RAWs and producing high-resolution images, Lightroom is the better choice. If you just want to edit your JPGs and don’t want to spend a ton of money, you’re probably better off with Photoshop Elements. Here are the pros and cons of using each type of software Adobe Photoshop The best a681f4349e

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